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Welcome to my Photo Album.
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Some of the Champions to come from Pennyflower Old and New

Some Phunee Photos

Still under contruction

Ch Kilkarni Thunderbolt CD
Titled 1989
CH Pennyflower Tassa CD
Titled 1989
CD 1992
Ch Pennyflower Blk Forest
Titled 1993
Ch Pennyflower Bamble Tart
Titled 1993
Ch Pennyflower Brandy Snap
Res ch Sydney Royal Multiple
In Show winner
Titled 1993

Ch Pennyflower Madam Curie
Class in show winner
Titled 1996
Ch Pennyflower Iris O'Mara
Titled 1994
Ch Pennyflower Venonstf Ruby
Our Newest Champion
Titled 2008
Congratulations Nathan and Gary Fry
Ch Pennyflower Bessmi Sole
Titled 1995
Ch Pennyflower Doctor Spock
Titled 1995
CH Pennyflower Kikatinalong
Titled 2000
Malaysian Ch Pennyflower Ed
Titled 2003
Ch Pennyflower Kiara
Titled 2001
Ch Pennyflower Game Penny
Titled 2003
Aust Ch Pennyflower Regal Laird
Titled 2005
Aust Ch Pennyfower Pickothcrop
Titled 2006
Aust Ch Pennyflower Bizzkitsntea
Titled 2006
Aust Ch Pennyflower Nedovthnight
Titled 2007
Aust Ch Judael Lucky Strike(imp UK)
Titled 1998
Aust Ch Zenastaff Cleopatra
Titled 2000
Aust CH Jotruba Romany Rifleman
Ausr Ch Polrose Philospopher at Zippor(ImpUK)
Titled 2008
Caleb(the stafford)and Potter(the Shetland sheepdog)
Share the bed, a big day at work
Jayne awaiting the imment birth, whelped all 8 pups into my boots.She would go and get them if I took them away.



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